Case comment masroor ahmed v state nct

Thus, even when instantaneous talaq is pronounced it will not immediately effect divorce and operate only as talaq-i-ahsan, which is reasonable and not even under challenge in the present proceedings.

Whichever way the judgment goes, it will not be the end of the line for the discussion on the perceived conflict between equality and freedom of religion.

Article 13 of the Constitution is clear, any law can be challenged on the ground that it violates fundamental rights. It is tragic that there was not a single woman on the Bench, although male judges of five different religions were represented on the Bench.

Controversy of The Divorce under Muslim Personal Law - An Overview

When the husband makes a single pronouncement of talaq during a period of purity tuhr followed by abstinence from sexual intercourse for the period of iddat, such a talaq is called ahsan talaq.

More information on qazis and qazas can be found at pp. An Act to protect the rights of Muslim women who have been divorced by, or have obtained divorce from their husbands and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Next, let us look at the Hindu Guardianship Act The order dated was challenged by the respondent through a revision petition in the Court of 2nd Additional Judge, Gopalganj.

In India, Muslims are redominantly sunnis and, by and large, they follow the hanafi school.


Indivisible rights It has been suggested most recently by Mr. Once the court is approached, the law applicable to that particular community will apply, but the adjudication will be by a civil court.

File be consigned to Record Room. Hence, it was concluded that Muslim women have rights akin of other women, although not the same rights. If it is not so then giving talaq without any vaild ground would inflict sufferings on to the women.

Can Freedom of Religion trump the right to equality and non-discrimination based on sex? The compromise, Sections and CrPC. It is further alleged that on The foundation of the prosecution case as also the decision of the learned sessions judge is that the marriage stood dissolved by the purported triple talaq of October, A divorce is permissible twice, after that the parties should either hold together on equitable terms, or separate with kindness.

The position of the Muslim law will be clearer after the verdict of Shayra Banu case. Providing maintenance to daughters is a great religious virtue. It is also clear from Article A of the Constitution in respect of the State of Nagaland wherein it is set out that no Act of Parliament in respect of religious and social practices of Nagas and other matters referred to therein shall apply to the State of Nagaland unless the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland by resolution so declares.

This position clearly emerges from a perusal of the relevant provisions of the Act. While this does not make the law immune from constitutional challenge, it must nonetheless guide our understanding of its character, scope, ambit and import. This practice can be traced to 2nd Century after the advent of Islam and is sought to be recognized only by few Sunni schools- the Hanafis most prominently.

A fatwa is merely advisory whereas a qaza is binding. In arriving at this conclusion, Baharul Islam J. Therefore, the offence of rape is not made out even on the basis of allegations contained in the complaint.

In India, a regular suit has to be filed. Also, acccording to the follwers of imam abu hanifa, ideally talaq was given only after all means to resolve the dispute have been exhausted. The latter, also because of the view taken by me that a talaq-e-bidaat or triple talaq so called shall be regarded as one revocable talaq.

The mufti gives his fatwa or advisory decision based on the Shariat of his school. This approach is available from p.

He relied upon the following decisions: The last of the expressions has now become synonymous with the word divorce.According to Badar Durrez Ahmed, J. in Masroor Ahmed v. State (NCT of Delhi) Masroor Ahmed v. State NCT of Delhi, SCC OnLine Del (SCC OnLine Del para 14). Case comment“Masroor Ahmed v.

State (NCT of Delhi) () DRJ (Del.)” ISLAM, ONE of the greatest of world religion through the years of existence, has been by far the most misunderstood and misrepresented. dispelling rhetorics: law of divorce and gender inequality in islam (29th april, ).

According to Badar Durrez Ahmed, J. in Masroor Ahmed v. State (NCT of Delhi) Masroor Ahmed v. State NCT of Delhi, SCC OnLine Del (SCC OnLine Del para 14).

Case crNCT Document 57 Filed 06/27/17 Page 45 of Case crNCT Document 57 Filed 06/27/17 Page 46 of Case crNCT Document 57 Filed 06/27/17 Page 47 of Created Date: 6/27/ PM. In Masroor Ahmed v. State (NCT of Delhi), () DRJthe High Court of Delhi (Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed) has after examining the whole conspectus of Muslim personal law and judicial decisions in this respect held that talaq-i-bidat / triple talaq will have the same effect as talaq ahsan and thus has lost its instantaneous nature, as.

Case comment masroor ahmed v state nct
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