Disadvantages of cce pattern of cbse

It is possible that a scenario will emerge wherein all students scoring above, say, 91 per cent in all subjects will have the same cumulative grading.

However, a lot of schools do not have the infrastructure and facility for the same Even though CCE is a radical concept in the reformation of education system in India, but the disadvantages need to be addressed in a right manner so as to bring about a real, genuine and positive transformation to the education patterns with reduced stress over students.

There is no segregation Grouping together of a large number of students is another disadvantage A lot of people argue that CCE makes the students take their boards lightly Students are forced to study all round the year, which in a way, is like giving no rest to them.

However the system has also been criticised for focussing more on projects and activities than actual learning.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Advantages and disadvantages of CCE pattern of study Debate against c. Depending upon the percentage obtained, the board will deduce the CGPA and thereby deduce the grade obtained. One other shortcoming is the fact that huge numbers of students are grouped together. Here is the flip side of the CCE pattern: CCE is the modern method of evaluating all the prime dimensions of a student's personality that of how much he has been through out.

Let us have a look at these points: Involving learners actively in the learning process. This leads to an open ended situation particularly for the Standard XI admission process and those seeking admission from CBSE to other boards.

Students will still be required to do well in studies. The aim is to reduce the workload on students and to improve the overall skill and ability of the student by means of evaluation of other activities.

For example, they give remedial help, maintain a term-wise record and checklists, etc. And the cycle starts all over again. Posted in Homework by Nitu singh at 9: Marks percentage and percentile are not comparable.

As every students have their own strength and weakness, students who are shy or some ward introvert will not speak well in the oral test, were as these students will be able to express themselves in the written test pretty well.

Despite these criticisms, the outcomes of this system were projected to be better that the rote learning of the previous system, which placed an undue emphasis on memory and facts instead of understanding and creating a learning environment.

The board has also instructed the schools to prepare the report card and it will be duly signed by the principal, the student and the Board official. Also teachers are getting more powers which they can always use unfairly and to some extent "partially".

How can we study when whole day of our spent on working on projects, models and files. For example, last year there were students in Navi Mummbai at Universal Tutorials all scoring more than 90 per cent.Advantages of CCE System in CBSE CCE helps in reducing stress of students by - * Identifying learning progress of students at regular time intervals on small portions of content.

* Employing a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students. Unlike CBSE's old pattern of only one test at the end of the academic year, the CCE conducts several.

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There are two different types of tests. Namely, the formative and the cheri197.comives: 2. The flip side of CCE Pattern. A lot of people, including the students and teachers believe that the CCE pattern introduced by CBSE has a lot of disadvantages instead of the positive points.

There are many disadvantages of Cce Pattern Grading. The 'Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation' of students often causes the students to feel stressed through the school year.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of CBSE CCE?

4 > If it was changed gradually I suppose it could have been better and it has no advantages rather only disadvantages.

0 ; nice. 0 ; i dont like this cce. pattern/5(9). disadvantages of cce system The biggest disadvantage of cce is the grading system. The student scoring 90 marks and 99 marks will both score A*.So it'll be .

Disadvantages of cce pattern of cbse
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