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The amount of airflow and hence the amount of pressure is determined by your doctor. Patients should consult with dentists or orthodontists that are knowledgeable about sleep apnea. Assignment Answers Common Sleep Disorders and their treatment Sleep is very important for the human body and mind as it helps in relaxation and refreshment.

The result of this interrupted breathing pattern is severely disrupted sleep, as the individual must wake up enough to regain muscle control in the throat and to reopen the airway. Falling asleep at work or school, an inability to concentrate doing normal tasks, unable to watch TV or to read are all common reasons for treatment.

Their jaw muscles relax which allows the tongue to droop backwards. Most of us believe that sleep is what occurs at night when we close our eyes.

It would also explain why most children outgrow night terrors by about age eight or nine, when the brain has developed the ability to switch between sleep stages and to regulate the various states of dreaming and sleeping p.

November 23, About the Author: In many people, insomnia is caused or made worse by a psychiatric or medical condition. SDB is characterized by intermittent airway obstruction or pauses in breathing. This is actually a very normal response to stress and treatment is not required.

Insomnia is the persistent difficulty of falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early. Sleep-eating disorders—These episodes, like sleepwalking, occur during partial awakenings from deep sleep and cause individuals to eat without any knowledge of what they are doing, or any memory of what they have done.

Narcoleptics are persistently sleepy and experience periodic losses of muscle tone called cataplexy. Relaxation therapy, sleep restriction therapy, and reconditioning are all techniques to help people with chronic insomnia.

Sleep health education programs in workplaces can promote better work schedule patterns and motivate managers and workers to adopt strategies that reduce risks to health and safety. They are also told to schedule short naps before meeting or times of low stimulus.

Narcolepsy occurs both in men and women and at any age. In the most serious cases a tracheotomy is done. She was in a drug trial for a sleeping pill for people who suffer from insomnia. Sleep specialists also recommend taking steps to make the sleep environment safe for sleepwalkers, such as removing objects that may cause injury during a sleepwalking episode.

When this happens to a person some believe they have mental disorder. However, there are 4 basic approaches to treatment, which are not mutually exclusive: Your doctor will take all of this information into consideration as well as your other medical history before recommending therapy and which therapy in particular.

Results from studies of the effects of melatonin on human sleep have been inconsistent. Sleepiness caused by insomnia reduces concentration and slows reaction time during waking hours, leading to reduced productivity and accidents.

Essay/Term paper: Sleep apnea

The effects of insomnia can be manifested during the day through body fatigue, daytime sleepiness and drowsiness and lack of mental concentration. Although many people with insomnia may accept their symptoms as a part of life, poor quality sleep takes a toll.

At some point the brain causes the body to move, so air can enter the lungs. In someone with a severe form of OSA, this may occur hundreds of times per night, interrupting breathing for 30 seconds or more during each instance.

The most important symptom and indeed what often finally brings people to medical attention is daytime sleepiness. During sleep, the CPAP device keeps the airway open by sending a constant, low-pressure stream of air through the nose and into the airway. This results in an inability to stay awake for prolonged periods of time, and sleep itself can also be quite disturbed.

For example, insomnia is a common symptom of many psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety and depression. This would include weight loss, avoidance of alcohol and sedative drugs, trying to sleep only on your side and stopping smoking. If a person has a few episodes of apnea, during their sleep study, they are not diagnosis with sleep apnea.

The treatment is not covered by the provincial health care plan, but is covered by some third party insurance companies 3. This positive pressure dilates the upper airway so the breathing is not interrupted.

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A very few of these people may not have a lot of obvious symptoms although in general the worse the sleep apnea is at night the more pronounced are the daytime symptoms. Just because a person has a nightmare does not mean they have a disorder.NAME: TOPIC: SLEEP DISORDER WITH THE ADULTS INSTITUTION: SLEEP DISORDER WITH THE ADULTS It can be described as a medical condition that adults that face.

Essay/Term paper: Sleep apnea

Sleep disorder can be defined as the disturbance of normal sleeping habits among adults. Sleep Apnea essays Sleep Apnea is a serious potentially condition that is far more common than generally understood. Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder by brief Interruptions of breathing during sleep.

The symptoms for this disorder are: difficulty sleeping, waking up too early with un-refreshing sleep and problems staying awake during the day ("Sleep Disorders."). The last common sleeping disorder is called Narcolepsy.3/5(5). Essay SLEEP APNEA What is Sleep Apnea? The Greek word "apnea" literally means "without breath." There are three types of sleep apnea: obstructive, central, and mixed; of the three, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common.

In some cases, sleep disorders can be a symptom of another medical or mental health condition. These sleeping problems may eventually go away once treatment is obtained for the underlying cause. The main type of treatment is usually leading a healthy lifestyle and because a lot of Americans are overweight, weight loss: “weight loss- even a modest amount- can improve sleep apnea” (WebMD).

Other lifestyle modifications such as dieting, not drinking alcohol and eating healthy are ways to 5/5(2).

Sleep sleep disorder and treatments essay
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